User Manual


Starting your fire


1)            When lighting your fire make sure that the flue is set to the full open position.

2)            Light a large piece of firelighter and place it in the middle of the burn chamber, then place logs on top (build it like Jenga). Newspaper and kindling work well                   too.

3)            Close the door immediately after the fire has been light.


General use


1)            Once the fire is burning well, turn the flue down. This will make your wood last longer.

2)            It is best to leave approximately 2cm of ash at the bottom of your fireplace. Should there be more than 2cm of ash, remove some and place it in the ash tray                   below the burn chamber. The ash tray can be emptied whenever is convenient.

3)            The Schott Robax glass used in your fireplace can be cleaned using mild vinegar and a microfiber cloth. Do not use any abrasive product on the                                        glass. Abrasive may result in unwanted scratches. Schott Robax is ceramic and cannot be recycled with regular glass.

4)            It is recommended that the flue be set to minimum before opening the door to add wood.

5)            The seperate handle should be not be left on top of the fireplace. Keep the handle in a cool safe place.


Flue operation


1)            For maximum heat the flue should be moved to the full open position but keep in mind that the fire burns less efficiently like this because heat is expelled                       out the chimney.

2)            For efficient burning the flue should be moved to the middle or closed position, depending on how much wood you have inside. For a large fire move the flue                to the closed position and for smaller fires move the flue to the middle. Note that even when the flue is fully closed, air is still flowing and your fire will                              continue to burn. 



All surfaces of this fire place can get extremely hot and the door and flue should be operated with your separate BlackBird handle.


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