Balustrade Boyz

Custom made stainless steel, structral steel and glass solutions



The company was founded in 2008 and opperates in the johannesburg area, producing stainless steel balustrading and structrual steel staircases. our goal is to produce any stainless steel products that the customer requires. 


Mark specialises in the design of structural steel staircases and custom parts from cabinets to motor bike parts. He comes from a background of machining and the company still manufactures parts for the mines. Mark runs the full machine shop but will come to site for technical meetings and initial designs.


Greg is  hands on and will be on site for all installations and will do most of the work himself. His many years of experience doing welding enables the company to produce amazing sculptures that can be designed by the client and then fabricated from Stainless steel. Greg also oparates the CNC turning and milling machines to produce some really unique products.