F1502 closed combustion fireplace


Technical information

  • The unit is gives off 8kw buring economically and 15kw burning at maximum, this is enough heat for 80-150 Square metres.

  • Chimneys and cowl come in a 4.8m kit (includes 4 Stainless steel chimneys, 2 insulation pipes for the ceiling, a stainless steel plate for where the chimney enters the ceiling and a stainless steel cowl).

  • The unit is 440mm wide by 620mm high by 510mm deep.

  • The centre of the 130mm diameter chimney is 120mm from the back of the unit.

  • The burn volume is 475mm deep by 320mm wide by 260mm high.

How it works

 The fireplace preheats the air to be more efficient, cold air is pulled into the bottom of the legs (sides) of the fire place. This air is then guided into a heating chamber, this chamber has two inlets to the fire place, the first one inlet is into the main combustion chamber and the second inlet is into the secondary combustion chamber. After the main combustion chamber smoke is vented into the secondary combustion chamber where hot air (oxygen from the heating chamber) is added to burn any remaining fuel. This is then vented threw the chimney. The whole process is controlled by a user operated flue which allows one to burn the fire very hot and very slow.


The BlackBird fireplace is made from a 4mm thick steel inner shell to ensure long life. we use Schott Robax ceramic glass because it is the market leading fireplace glass. We also use Stainless steel handles and fittings. Please compare these specs to our competitors.

Cast iron vs BlackBird

Cast iron fireplaces are designed to burn coal and wood, because of this they have a gird to sift the ash out of the combustion chamber. The grid allows the coal to burn without smothering itself but the grid also allows unheated air into the combustion chamber, this affects the draw of the fire and the efficiency of the fire.

Why we burn wood

BlackBird’s F1502 fireplace is optimised for burning wood.  This makes it burn wood more efficiently than cast iron fireplaces. We choose to burn wood because it is a renewable resource. BlackBird fireplaces preheat air before the combustion chamber to get better efficiencies during burning.


We offer a 5 year warranty on the structure, welds, bolts and against manufacturing defects.  

Terms and conditions or warranty

The warranty only applies to normal residential use.  The warranty does not cover scratches, distortion, corrosion or discoloration. Any damage resulting from misuse, abuse or neglect is not covered by the warranty. The manufacturer may require pictures and or transportation of the unit upon warranty claim. The warranty does not cover any part of the chimney, chimney kit or installation. Blackbird reserves the right to judge whether or not the claim is valid within the terms stated here. Upon making a warranty claim blackbird will either repair or replace the unit depending on damage. The owner must provide proof of purchase to make a warranty claim. Proof of purchase must have the vendors name, date, price and model number.

This warranty is valid from 15/05/2015.



This product is designed to burn wood only. The burning of Pine is not recommended seen as this can product a hazardous build up. The chimney should be swept yearly. This product can be dangerous if used incorrectly. Do not over fill the fireplace with wood. BlackBird does not take any responsibility for death, injury or damage resulting from this product or the use of this product.